Wish List Wednesday…

1. Pastel Jelly Beans! These beauties pop up into stores next week cant wait to get my little hands on a set of the baby pink ones! $34.99 2. Macaroon Box Look at these beautiful little boxes! I love Macaroons … Continue reading

A Splash Of Pink…

1. The beautiful new range of lipsticks by KATE SPADE, with their beautiful colour pallet and a cute name that brings back childhood memories “Supercalifragilipstick”. my favourite is the pastel/bright pink (there really is no other way to describe the colour, its bright and bold yet pastel) called PopArt Pink and is only avaliable on the Kate Spade website (www.katespade.com) and retails at $24 USD

2. Because i am also an avid creative writer i believe that it is always a necessity to carry around a small note book just in case i come up with an idea for a new story. when i saw this cute one from KIKKI K i knew that it was love at first sight (which is great because the cover and pages is covered in love hearts). $8.95

3. As i stated above i always need to carry around a notebook and a pen. especially this cute one from KIKKI K $4.95

4. This dress is simple yet detailed. its elegant and i really love it. for many years now i have wanted a MULBERRY bag, and i still haven’t found ‘the one’ yet but this dress is great. beautiful cut and beautiful fabric. $990 from the Mulberry stores and online (www.mulberry.com)

5. Im not that big of a fan when it comes to pointy shoes, I find that they hurt. but I would make an acceptation for these beauties. With their contrasting silver toes and heels, as well as their creamy pink texture I couldn’t help but fall for them. only available on ASOS (www.asos.com) ‘ASOS sweetheart toe cap ballerina’ $40.55 (the best thing about ASOS is that there is no shipping fees EVER, and the styles available is just mindblowing. Also the prices are extremely reasonable so you cant help but buy more)

6. This beautiful satchel is so cute and pink, and its a great size. I recently brought it for when i go back to school, and amazingly it fits my notebook, pencil case, wallet, keys and everything else that I need to take with me. So really its a great buy and my sister even went out and got it in the baby blue/green. ‘ASOS scallop edge satchel’ $32.44

Color Injection…

Kate Spade has always been a favourite designer of mine since I went to China two years ago. Her bright colours and bold patterns. featuring amazing fabrics and glossy leathers.  Versatile and practical handbags in luminous hues, girly clothing and simple yet complicated jewellery. As part of their marketing for the christmas season just past they created this amazing video that is just so full of fun, colour, light and excitement. I know that now i want to wrap everything like this, i can just imagine “Granny” (the macbook) wrapped like this. love it!

and then there is the fun colourful surprise ball!