Over the ‘Hill’ and far away…

The Alannah Hill label has always been one of my favourites, the beautiful and girly garments and accessories are over the top and amazing. There are three places that i have always wanted to work when i finally graduated from school, #1 CHANEL, #2 Peter Alexander and #3 ALANNAH HILL. One of the best things about moving up to Melbourne is the fact that there are more opportunities for jobs in the fashion industry up there, so because i have to leave my job in Drysdale i have been looking for jobs up on melbourne. So I put myself out there and sent my new and improved CV to the Alannah Hill head office, and within a few hours someone from head office called me and asked if i would like to come in for an interview! Now i am extremely anxious about the interview and i am defiantly looking forward to it tomorrow afternoon.

The Alannah Hill garments and accessories are influenced by  romance, love, sex, girls crying, travel, extravagant hotel rooms, flower shops, chocolates, fear, loneliness, music and marvellousness.

*Alannah grew up in Tasmania before moving to Melbourne at the tender age of 16 with six suitcases filled with costumes, $30 dollars, and her Mum’s wedding ring as a gift.

Not long after working as a waitress, she was spotted by the owner of a fashion boutique across the road. She began to work in the fashion store in Chapel St, South Yarra, which became her home for 15 years. Alannah Hill established her namesake fashion label in the late 90’s.

Today, Alannah Hill has fourteen boutique stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as international stockists in Asia and the UK. Her label can best be described as extremely feminine, often with hints of vintage, or shabby chic. Flowers and other girly patterns often dominate her successful creations. Alannah Hill has truly established herself as one of the most popular female fashion labels in Australia. Her label is testament to natural talent combined with following a dream. *

**Sourced from http://www.australianfashionguide.com**

so I am looking forward to the interview and i hope that i do get a job with them, even if it is just in the store because it is a stepping stone.

wish me luck xx