The perfect carry on…


Well, Hello there, I can not believe how long it has been since I have written anything for all you lovely readers, it has been one hectic holiday season and  with an amazing trip coming up I thought this was the absolute perfect time to write a post about my long haul flight essentials and tips for making the most out of spending your time up in the air.

Over the past few years I have become quite a frequent flyer, with trips to Europe, Hong Kong and just fun little getaways around Australia. Weirdly enough flying used to make me feel quite uneasy but now it is something I look forward to, a fantastic way to start and end a holiday, no horrible traffic and there are amazing views. Who wouldn’t welcome the best excuse ever to sleep for hours and watch a bunch of movies?

Every time I go on an adventure, I overdo it with the carry on, always packing things I don’t even look at or use. So after a lot of consideration, research and mock packing, I have come up with some of the essentials to pack for your next long haul or short flight.


Onboard Beauty

You won’t catch me ever not wearing make-up, but on a flight the most I can get away with is tinted moisturiser and mascara. There is really no way to get comfortable in a small plane seat without moving around and sometimes sleeping on the person next to you, most of the time that is Britt. BUT there are a few products that I won’t be without.

Palmers coco butter Lip Balm is the most amazing natural product that keeps your lips from getting all dry and chapped in the dry air, Palmers coco butter  helps to keep your skin feel much more luxurious even when you are crammed into a tiny seat, up against a window in economy. Slathering yourself in your favourite moisturiser (hint Palmers) is a great way to calm you down and make you feel relaxed, especially if you are a jittery flyer AND you will be super soft for your holiday!

Also! Don’t forget a small liquid hand sanitiser for when you finish up in the tiny (and rather scary, am I right?!) toilets.


I love being able to spend time just doing nothing, sitting back and relaxing, letting my thoughts wander off to new and exciting destinations. But there is only so much time I can sit there doing nothing, so when I am over that or at least taking a break from it, I always pack a good book to read. Although I wouldn’t be able to get onto the plane without a good pair of headphones so I can daydream to my favourite tunes rather than the sound of a baby crying, it also helps in forgetting the little person climbing on and kicking the back of my chair.

Of course there are only so many repeats of the big bang theory you can watch on the inflight entertainment player, so I recommend spending a few good hours at home downloading your favourite TV shows, Movies and games onto your laptop or iPad.

plane outfit

1. Reiss Andrea Felt Floppy Hat 2. Zena Collarless Cardigan 3. Slashed Ankle Grazer 4.Laker Loafers 5. Button front top with frill hem 6. Billabong wandered overnighter bag

Dress For Comfort

Now while you will never see me in a pair of trackies, I still like to dress comfortably for a long haul plane trip in something that I will be comfortable curling up in a ball and sleeping in, without looking like a total slob.

With the temperature inside an aeroplane either boiling hot or freezing cold I always have a nice comfortable oversized cardigan tucked away inside my bag, something that is easy to slip on and off whilst in flight, without disturbing the person next to me.

There are a few things I couldn’t be without on a long haul flight, a silk eye mask to block out the people surrounding you and the random flickering lights and a great pair of soft socks to keep my toes warm and comfortable. A watch is a must have, to keep track of how much time has gone by, how many more hours until we reach our destination, also to help me keep to my normal meal and sleep schedule.

what is in my carry on

Don’t Forget

 Your passport! there has been at least one instance where I had to turn back home because my passport was left on the kitchen table, so a travel organiser is the perfect piece to keep all your important information and documents together. The perfect carry on bag makes a huge difference to your onboard experience, when I went to the UK I took a small suitcase and a backpack as my carry on and it was a mess. Your diary/organiser, I like to plan out and keep track of things as well as write down my thoughts and ideas. And lucky last a few healthy snacks, I always try to order either the raw vegan meal or the normal vegan meal, its lighter then most and wont leave you feeling sick and heavy. I also bring fresh fruit and some other healthy snacks onboard with me, keep me feeling refreshed and light.


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