Fa La La La La


With Christmas only two days away I am sure that everyone is considering the table settings and layout of your family get together or in my case family breakfast and dinner (at the parents) as well as the amazing dessert that will be served at my house. So with so many different themes and designs to consider I thought I would put together a little post on settings and inspiration.





There is nothing more christmasy then the smell of a fresh pine tree, even though I have been allergic to them since I was little it has always been a must in my house to have a real christmas tree every year, and what a great way to use the off cuts of your tree! a few sprigs of evergreen on your christmas table is so very festive!


This year being our fist in our own house Britt and I are in charge of the family and friends dessert, and our table setting will be a festive woodland theme, featuring a huge bow covered in red, green and gold ornaments (the bow itself I crafted yesterday out of the fallen gum tree branches and spray painted gold). But never fret there will defiantly be an array of festive colours dominating the desserts and settings.


An oldie but a goodie, keeping it simple with red and white with a hint go green has been a favourite of mine for the past few years, nothing says ‘christmas spirit’ more than the delicious red and white of a candy cane and what better way to represent that then in this little pic.


For me gold has become one of my favourite metals and metallic hues very quickly, it has always been quite a festive colour as well and incorporating it into a christmas table setting is defiantly a goal of mine this year!


Since moving into my own house I have become a little obsessed with beautiful glass sweet jars and have defiantly gone overboard with my purchases. So as one of my new years resolutions I have decided that I need to find more and more uses for them. Christmas table #1.


Living in australia we have never had a white christmas, due to the fact that most years the temperature has sky rocketed to a boiling 35 degrees, so by adding a little ‘fake’ snow it almost feels as though you are in a cooler climate and for someone who has always wanted a white christmas its as close as i will get for a few years.


Christmas by the sea! for the past 14 years I have lived in a small seaside town so it is always nice to incorporate a little bit of your natural surroundings into your christmas table settings, weather they be shells for your name plates or just the random ‘fake’ starfish, just something little to bring the outdoors in.





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