The Dreaded KK!!

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With only 47 days to go until christmas morning it is defiantly time to start shopping for all those pesky little presents, now when you work 5 days a week in hospitality and then the rest of the time on a label it can be hard to come up with ideas and get to the shops to purchase them. So with that i mind I have decided to come up with the perfect gifts for all your friends and family as well as your work buddies. And the best bit about these are that you can buy them right from your desk if you don’t have time to go to the stores and search for yourselves!

This week we will be looking into the perfect gifts for the dreaded Kris Kringle!

Gifts under $20


The workplace can be a war zone, especially when all the pens are gone. So get them one that stands out, then you will know if anyone has ‘borrowed it’.

Cath Kidston Mews Ditsy Pen $15.38 


With lunch never really being on anyones mind at work these are the perfect little helpers! small enough to sit on the bend or desk but still big enough to pack some punchy deliciousness.

Rusty Fox & Friends Set of 3 Snack Boxes $11.54


With most people at my work at the moment on little health kicks and becoming boot camp addicts this little gem is perfect… looks like there should be at least a little bit of junk in there

Happy Jackson Lunch Box Salad Nuts $15.38


Everyone loves a funny little coffee table book…especially when half the little lies are true!

Daily Dishonesty Book $15.38


At my work (and I am guessing most workplaces around the world) there is that one person (or sometimes more) who is just obsessed with GOT, this little gift would be perfect…enables their addiction all year round!

Game of Thrones 2015 Calendar $19.23


Because you know there is always that one person who spends more time online shopping or reading catalogues then actually working.

Wish List Sticky Tabs $7.69


For the poor managers who have to go through the takings for the day and balance the till…and who are brain dead from the long day, this will defiantly make the end of day cash up more enjoyable…imagine what you could do with this!

The DIY Calculator $15.38


Keeping track of everything during your day can be hard…this is cute though and would hopefully help

Daily Notes Pad: Live Bright $12.95


For the jokester of the workplace and is constantly flicking you with rubber bands!

Rubber Band Gun $11.54


When it comes to parties at my workplace beer pong is always a must as well as flip cup (for me to be able to play I have to take my glasses off and drink straight cordial!)

Beer Pong Game $9.62


Just to help out some of the guys in the work lace act a little more gentleman like.

The Perfectly Behaved Gentleman Book $19.21


Being in the hospitality industry we are always fighting over bottle openers (Yes thats right not just pens) and with one like this in your back pocket you defiantly wouldn’t loose it!

Moustache Bottle Opener Keyring $9.62

Bottle Opening Cap Launcher $13.44

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