Pamper Time…

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Recently I was invited to attend the launch party of a new range of Arobnne skin care, where I was able to meet with and be pampered by a beauty consultant and trial some of their new products.

I mean how do you answer and invitation as enticing was that?….Yes please!

It’s not often that I get this excited about discovering a new product, especially a skin care product as my past routine consisted of water meet face washer. But Arbonne is special, it is an effective range of beauty and skin care products which combine my vegan lifestyle choice and my moral stance against animal cruelty.

Arbonne is a 100% natural based product range specialising in long lasting effective results whilst advocating clean and healthy living.

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What can I say about the meet and greet? well it was a fanfare of luscious lotions, tantalising toners and captivating cleanses. Surrounded by an array of products I was greedy with anticipation.

Myself and the lucky other guests sipped local wine and dined on fresh tapas whilst our gracious host and Arbonne consultant pampered us with the botanically based products suitable for all skin types.

With so many wonderfully pure products covering all areas of beauty and nutrition it would take far too long for me to review them all, so long in fact we would all probably require the anti ageing eye lift serum by the time I was finished. So here are a few of my favourites from the evening, all tried and tested by me with the help of Arbonnes consultant Susan.


Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Straight away I was whisked away to the sea side by this sensual sea salt scrub. The rough granolas worked to exfoliate my arms and hands followed by the washed away jelly like sensation which when dried left my skin softer than I had ever before experienced.

Combining avocado oil, safflower oil and an essential oil blend titled, Awake I left both smelling and feeling fresh.

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Sip, Sip, Slurp

Brandishing my British roots I dove head first for this whimsical brew. A herbal tea containing dandelion, peppermint and liquorice root sent my taste buds into a frenzy. A refreshing blend which taunted me to experiment, originally provided hot and unaccompanied I sort to chill and mix. My iced tea concoction included fresh mint leaves and sliced lime, two necessities in my mind, which transformed this beverage from a winter to a year long custom.

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Sizzle dont Fizzle

Towards the end of the evening when I was too relaxed to function, Susan pulled out these little packets of fun. Citrus Fizz Sticks which succeeded in turning us weary eyed party goers into energiser bunnies.


Lets go a little deeper…

This may surprise you, my observant readers, but unfortunately I was not naturally blessed with the direly locks which I have been so eagerly displaying for many years now.

The upkeep for a do like mine is horrendous, but five minuets with this miracle tub and I was whipping my hair back and forth.

The hair revitalising masque kindly demonstrated by Arbonne did exactly what it said it would. It softened and strengthened my colour damaged hair leaving it brighter and shinier than ever before.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 6.32.40 pm

Now as I said earlier there are so many great products which I was fortunate enough to test and I will be doing a follow up post including my new daily skin care routine thanks to the help from my Arbonne consultant Susan. If you are interested in and of the products reviewed above or would love to find out more about the new ranges including sensitive care, baby and nutrition products please feel free to contact the lovely Susan via her Facebook page.

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Susan Arbonne Consultant 

Arboone International 

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