Whats Been Going On…

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Hello my lovely readers!

Yes it is me, Cassie, I have been a very busy little girl over the past month let me tell you, So whilst I have not been able to complete all my outfit shoots that I have had planned for ages, and I have not been able to do everything I have planned on either but I thought it might be a good idea to fill you in what I have actually been up to.


I have been spending most of my days working at Jack Rabbit Vineyard, saving as much of my money, thats not going towards my bills and rent, to go toward my new range for the label. Although during my work I keep catching myself staring off into the distance, dreaming of being out on the water, climbing the mountains in the distance and shopping up a storm in the city.

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Enjoying the beautiful beach down the road from my house, after all the time I spent in the UK and Europe recently I needed to get back into shape and with only a day off of work I try to get in as many runs/walks with my puppy Rosie down the beach as possible, especially now that winter is fast approaching and daylight savings has ended.

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Enjoying time with my beautiful twin sister, after living together throughout the UK and Europe our friendship has defiantly become stronger and I have enjoyed taking stupid selfless with her and teasing our beautiful friend Nikki back in London with our pringle  escapades.

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Hanging out with my beautiful kitten Luna, when I adopted him last month from the animal welfare centre he was a little bag on bones who’s meow sounded like he was screaming ewww! now he is a little pudgy bellied fluff ball who just loves every second of life and enjoys annoying his new mums by jumping on everything and waking them up at 3am every morning! but we love him soo much and it is hilarious watching him chasing his tail and acting like a dog whilst side swiping Rosie the golden hound 🙂

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Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 5.30.31 PM


Working on the new range for this years Ski Season…count down is on! only four weeks to go!

1959482_262091840634310_2108731053_n Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 5.59.32 PM



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