What Cassie Loved March 2014…


(1. Kitchen Aid Mixer, 2. Paper Straws, 3. Herbert the Head, 4. Mason Jar Candle, 5. The new Pink Rubarb Labels)

The last few months have been massive made up of traveling all over the UK and Europe and now back in Australia (lots more posts to come, promise) and this being my first favorites post I thought that I should share with you my few favorite pieces from my new house! where I have a lot of ideas for styling and some exciting DIY posts coming up as well.  I have spent the entire time back in the merry old land of Oz working almost everyday and when I was not working I have been working on my new range for Pink Rubarb Snow as well as trying to perfect the raw vegan cheesecake, using my favorite pink kitchen tool, my KitchenAid. Now because I miss traveling around I have begun planning my next holiday to, you guessed it, Bali! Now I am defiantly not a person to spend all my time in hotels and big cities so I am planning to stay in a little villa out in the jungle and have heaps of fun snorkeling and meeting the locals, as well as spending some time at the orphanage with Britt.

It is weird I have come right from England where it was raining and cold back to Australia where it is looking more like the UK everyday, so I defiantly need my VO5 Smoothly Does It cream due to the light sprinkelage of rain that does not seem to want to end! My beautiful Coconut and Lime candle has defiantly made the move to a new house much easier, the smell of freshly varnished floorboards is not a sent that you want to live around for a long time, so the yummy sent has come in handy.

Now you may see some funny shaped shadows in the pictures…that would be Luna, the new addition to the family. My little black kitten who just wanted to get into every single photo, he just wouldn’t sit still long enough to be anything but a black smudge.

Screen shot 2014-04-11 at 10.00.33 AM

(1. Puggles Phone Cover, 2. Lonely Plannet Bali, 3. Romance Was Born Note Book, 4.VO5 Smoothly Does It, 5. Coconut and Lime Candle, 6. Rub Rub Rub from LUSH, 7. My new sewing sheers for cutting out my amazing fabrics, 8. I scream for Ice cream pen!)



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