European Magic

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Seven countries in nine days! On the 22nd of Feb Britt and I were lucky enough to begin a little trip around Europe, meeting some amazing people and experiencing new and different things. Our little trip began in Amsterdam, where a very squeamish Cassie (me) was forced into attending a live show…defiantly not for the faint hearted! Where I spent the next hour laughing and cringing in the corner, with my hands over my eyes and ears. Unfortunately my friend George was pulled up onto stage and forced to undress the male stripper! But the highlight of Amsterdam would have to have been the Anne Frank House. I couldn’t believe that nine people had lived in such close quarters for a large amount of time, having to be so silent, it must have been terrifying!


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From there we went to the Rhine Valley and Munich, where we had a great guided tour through the city and then we were off to the Hofbräuhaus, where we all sat around the huge oak tables and drank from huge steins, just a little tip for all you non drinkers out there they will do a stein full of mineral water and apple juice, looks like you’re drinking but you are just the sober sister! I highly recommend going to a traditional German beer house, the atmosphere is amazing and you get pulled out of your seat to dance with random old men…Kodak moment.

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Without actually looking into anything or planning around specific dates and traditions in each country we were extremely lucky enough to be in Venice whilst Carnival was on as well as Carnival in Lucerne! Being in such a magical place, surrounded by masked people, running around the small streets and traveling by gondola down the beautiful canals was one of the best experiences of my life. We even got into the spirit by attending a masked dinner! Watch out for all the pidgins in Saint Marcos Square though, they love a little bit of food, no matter how big and scary you are they will still jump all over you just to get to it.




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There is a huge difference between Carnival in Venice to Carnival in Lucerne, Venice is like the scene in The Labyrinth where Sarah is inside the crystal ball, partying away with David Bowie and all the floating masked people, where as Lucerne is the rest of the Labyrinth. Scary and full of interesting characters. We then spent two days in Paris and explored the city of lights. I have been there before and loved every second of it, but this time I loved seeing the reactions of my friends who had never been there before, priceless 🙂




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And of course when in Paris a trip to Laudree has to be made, even if I can no longer enjoy the yummy tastes of the macaroons I still enjoyed visiting the store and purchasing a little something vegan for myself whist enjoying all the pretty bright colours and flavours of the girls’s treats!

IMG_2768 copy

Thanks to Britt, Nikki, Erin and George for making this trip one to remember…Backseat Bandits 🙂

And a huge thanks to Beccy B from CONTIKI for making this trip amazing and taking us to so many places, also Carlos the Portuguese price :p

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