Lighting Up The Darkness


So we have finally made it to the UK, a little bit late but better late then never. Now whilst I have only been here for a few days, there are quite a few things that I have noticed that differ from my usual Australian landscape. For starters the buildings are amazing, not to say that they are not in Australia, but the amount of effort and care placed into the skyline here is second to none. Secondly the weather is on the complete other end of the spectrum, when I left a few days ago I was wearing dresses and sandals, it was a warm and sunny 43 degrees! So I am trying to remember how cold it was back last year when I was at the snow, reminding myself that it is not as cold here as it was there, but god its freezing! And one of the main aspects that is different is that the sun goes down at 4.00! its strange that it is only 7.30pm and it is pitch black out my window, back home it would still be as bright as midday.




Now comes the hard part for both Britt and I, settling in, finding a flat and a job. It has been a huge week for both of us, physically and emotionally draining. But now we are here and safe, so all thats left to do is live the life we want everyday!




Coat- ASOS   Boots- ASOS   Trousers- Emerson   Blouse- Vintage   Mittens- ASOS   Glasses- Collette Dinnigan

Location- Palmers Lodge

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