25 Random Facts About Me…


  1. I have two middle names, I guess one was not enough for my parents. Rose and Victoria!
  2. I got my first tattoo a year and a half ago- ‘twin one’ is scrawled on my ribs and now I think i might have a slight obsession now I am planning three more. A humming bird, a coat hanger and a love heart.
  3. I have been a vegan for four years
  4. My favorite meal ever would have to be my mushroom, tomato and avocado mix, I know it sounds incredibly healthy and yummy. But I do have an strange addiction to peanut butter and I could eat an entire container. Quick hide the spoons!
  5. I am a twin. Technically we are identical but she is a little shorter than me. can you guess who is who?1003643_10151496407736232_324822363_n
  6. When I was little I wanted to be a police women, because I wanted a gun and to be like the people on Blue Healers, a TV show I used to watch when I was about 8.
  7. Up until my recent stint up on the Australian Ski Fields I had never had a drink (of alcohol) in my life. And now I have still only had four drinks!
  8. I’m so highly strung most of the time I could probably snap in half, I love to over think things, you should see me trying to organize and pack everything for the big trip its been very funny to watch.
  9. I used to be goodish at sport, except for running, I look like a duck my feet go out at all different angles its quite funny. The only sport that I have been actually good at was Figure Skating. Which is not something that everyone can do. Sets me apart from everyone else.
  10. I am defiantly a morning person, I love to get up earlier then everyone, go on a bike ride and take in the quietness of the town. The beaches around my house are amazing when there is no one about.
  11. My ideal evening would be to going out to a chic little hidden restaurant with my friends, eating yummy food and enjoying the company.
  12. My favourite season is winter, I can not handle the heat of the australian summer!Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 12.01.32 PM
  13. I finally got my license last year, after years and years of my friends yelling at me to actually get it. I have no idea what I would do without it now. I love the fact that I can go wherever I want to go whenever I want to.
  14. I cant wait to get an English accent, I have been working on perfecting it ever since I was 5 and I wanted to be Sporty Spice.
  15. It has taken me years and years to figure out what I actually wanted to be when I grew up, I was always tossing between a fashion designer, wedding planner, baker, writer and actor. Now I have finally narrowed it down to a Fashion Designer and Writer but now I am about to start an event management course online so I can be a wedding planer if I want to in the future.
  16. I have always wanted to work up at the snow and I am so glad that I did the 2013 season because I met the most amazing people and had an amazing time, I really want to do the next season as well!999196_10151631764331232_157697259_n
  17. Water is my favorite drink. I’m pretty boring when it comes to drinks!
  18. I rarely wear jewelry, the only permeant pieces are my charm bracelet which has a snow flake and a love heart on it as well as my pearl earrings. Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 11.53.19 AM
  19. My twin sister Britt calls me ‘Casablanca’ and I call her “Brittle’ or ‘Brittanica’
  20. I am terrified about moving to London, being in a foreign country and not knowing anyone is a bit scary but I am looking forward to starting a fresh.
  21. My favourite animals are; cats, dogs, I know so normal and boring but I also love Slow Loris, their eyes are huge and they are so soft and beautiful!
  22. I am addicted to Glass House candles and I go through them like nobodies business, my favourite sents are MONTEGO BAY, which is coconut and lime, and TAHAA, which is caramel and vanilla.
  23. I feel the most comfortable in my gym clothes, I know its lame but its soo comfortable and I feel ready for anything…well except for fashion week and fancy bits and pieces. But you will never find me wandering the streets in them though!
  24. I have had four operations in the past two years, I am very injury prone apparently!
  25. I run a fashion label called Pink Rubarb and have celebrities as some of my clients!Screen shot 2014-01-11 at 11.54.37 AM

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