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Screen shot 2013-12-28 at 4.12.51 PM2014 is fast approaching and with it the trip of a lifetime! in just under 24 days my twin sister Britt and I will be making the huge move to LONDON! No longer will I be the Aussie blogger, living in a small town and finding it hard to think up new posts. I will be the Aussie blogger living and working in London, not only will my life be changing completely but the blog will be getting a complete revamp and a new section will be added with Britt coming on board as photographer. Stay tuned for more exciting trips and pics from life in London.  There are so many things that I want to see and do whilst in the country as well as take little trips to Paris and other cities around the UK and Europe.

What are some of the things you would do in London or recommend????

So far I have a small list of the places and things that I would love to see and do.




After seeing an exhibit in Melbourne of clothing from the V&A museum I have wanted to go to the actual museum ever since! Last time I was in London we didn’t get the chance to go inside but now I have all the time in the world.


My friend went and experienced everything Harry Potter when she was in the UK last year and raved about it non stop!


Ever since I took up Ice Skating I have wanted to skate outdoors in the elements. Unfortunately it is a little to warm to do this in Australia so the first night I am in London I will be out on that ice!


The London Dungeon has always been something I have wanted to experience, I am a huge fan of horror and history. when the two are merged into one well then you have something amazing!



London Fashion Week has always been a dream of mine, amazing designers, top models, beautiful celebrities  and a world location.

mulberry5Ever since this awesome campaign came out in 2012 I knew I had to visit this beautiful pier that is full of interesting architecture and is reminiscent of by gone years.



Britt is obsessed with the Tudors, anything to do with them and has even considered getting their symbol as a tattoo. I recently heard all about the Tudor history on Horrible Histories…LOVE IT  So the place that they all lived, where the horrible acts went down is firmly on my list to see.


This has been one of Britts dreams since learning of the statue…now I just need to get an old copy of Peter Pan.


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