Where The Wild Things Are…


I know, I know I have been very absent from the blogging world recently, I have been working my self to the bone trying to save up more and more money for the big move. Its only seven weeks away now! So I managed to get a day off of work and surprise one of my friends for her birthday by taking her out to the Otway Fly, apparently it was a lot further away than I was told, so what was supposed to be an hour drive down the Great Ocean Road ended up being a three hour trip each way! But it was amazing to be surrounded by fresh, clean and crisp air of the rain forrest, being submersed into the greenery where dinosaurs hide and walking above the tree line where the birds fly high in the sky. It was amazing and wild.




1464705_10151816551006232_1439255020_n 1455078_10151816551046232_21883472_n

1468701_10151816551136232_661975256_n 1469870_10151816548651232_537428425_n

1486823_10151816548696232_1513378707_n 1470276_10151816549066232_117369202_n








1454817_10151816551871232_524584230_n 1464705_10151816551231232_411391272_n

1469905_10151816551526232_93792512_n 1482938_10151816551421232_498829282_n

1457715_10151816549166232_1059544829_n 1459325_10202760472681271_1693714854_n

The birthday girl trying to conquer her fear of heights walking/running 60 feet above the forest floor.1475803_10202760215154833_1692714268_n


1425778_10202760480881476_1998019295_n 1456110_10202760183434040_1074433858_n

1471925_10202760284036555_1431455239_n 1474415_10202760518162408_1043420804_n

1459288_10202760352158258_310228372_n 1468762_10202760135152833_1258397696_n

1479476_10202760170873726_2119701583_n 1459223_10202760113632295_891979965_nI thought you might like to see the worlds funkiest water bubbler!

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