New And Exciting Adventures…


While spending the last three months living and working up on the Australian ski fields I was constantly looking at snowboarding and ski gear, I couldn’t help but notice that besides the snowboarding and skiing jackets most of the garments and accessories available to the public are very masculine and plain (unless you like to wear tie dye then there are some extremely bright tall hoodies out there for you). Having owned and run a successful fashion label for a couple of years now, I decided it might be time to break into a new and exciting area, one that is mostly full of dark colours and nothing girly or chic.  So Pink Rubarb is about to start producing interesting and beautiful snow wear, including; brightly printed neck warmers, beautiful and different glove liners and individual tall hoodies all aimed towards girls and women who love to stand out and a good quality product.  As well as this exciting news I have also just received news that I have been selected as one of the 10 finalists for the Australian Young Designer Competition! I entered a few weeks ago while I was still working full time up at the snow, I had to send in a minimum of 4 photos but at the time I had no access to the finished garment and headpiece as they were at home sitting in the studio. So I spent my morning off (after a nice sleep in) drawing up the design and colouring it in with my room mates coloured pencils. Thankfully they liked the sketches and I now have a chance to get the label out there and hopefully win some awesome prizes 🙂

Any who here is some of the new ranges inspiration pictures and Ideas, looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts and feedback, let me know which prints are your favourite.

(All prints were created by me for the new Pink Rubarb collection)



print 1


print 2


print 3


print 4


print 5


print 6


print 7


print 8


print 9


print 10


print 11


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