Valley Of The Dolls…


The new Alannah Hill Spring/Summer 2013 collection is just beautiful and has recently been released in stores throughout Australia. Featuring bold colour statements using emerald green, hot pink, red and navy blue mixed in with soft and feminine baby colours. The collection offers Alannah’s usual high waisted full skirts, cute blouses and amazing beading. The collection is paired back with key pieces in soft pas­tels, peach and lilac. In per­fect Alan­nah Hill bal­ance pat­terns are clashed blend­ing polka dots and floral nod to vin­tage flair with a mod­ern twist.

For more info and to see the stunning collection hope on into one of the Alannah Hill stores or your nearest David Jones.

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Alannah-Hill-Valley_0 Alannah-Hill-Valley_1 Alannah-Hill-Valley_2 Alannah-Hill-Valley_3 Alannah-Hill-Valley_4 Alannah-Hill-Valley_5 Alannah-Hill-Valley_6 Alannah-Hill-Valley_7 Alannah-Hill-Valley_8 Alannah-Hill-Valley_9


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