10 ways to mix prints…


Prints are a huge thing this up coming season, but really they are always in season. Prints are fun, funky but can be tricky when trying to pair them with other prints, so I have put together 10 ways to mix and match them. Hopefully they are fun and cheerful and bring a sense of fun to your wardrobes.

(All the pictures have been sourced via Pinterest)



1. Same Same But Different…

Same prints but different sizes of the print. Think stripes on stripes, Polka dots on polka dots, even the odd animal print. It doesn’t have to be your entire outfit but matching your accessories with a key piece.

0ffc36b93a48807584b3e1fbf9ea16a8 5a6d9be43e02d2e107b393cda815ef53 9b9a47fb8e8c5a9278b2ac9618a2b53c 62fef6bb3e99c0b7d3d3c357a627423b 82641896f6cc6ed714e4a861bd1055f8

2. Size Matters…

Think small prints mixed in with a larger one wether it be the same or completely different, but it is to try and break up the outfit so that it is not overpowering and loud.


3. You Can Never Go Wrong With Chevron…

Classy and chic, the chevron print is amazing and goes with most things because it can either be one one or two colours (white as the background colour). It looks good mixed with other chevrons, plaids and stripes.

123ad3c353d08bcfe4b39ab3d37fcb99 147a09866a798f9433076122d6146fb2 df34b5bb5f9687fbb95c4496fc370ecd fa207523eb64c3730482a8afd5ab6773

4. Same Colour Different Prints…

If you stick with the same colour pallet you can mix just about anything, the wilder your style the better the outfit.

640x480 Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 11.33.43 PM

5. Stripes And Florals…

For most of my life it has always been ‘florals and stripes do not mix’ but I honestly don’t care about that anymore and they need to be mixed. They mix better when one other is from a neutral colour pallet, think black and white striped shirt with bright floral skirt.

1e7faf4c668bc0997a1522811ac212da 2b008797f317bbdbc4e1c16f60d93208 a656ad071ff9d076807cd9d5d5dbacf9

6. Break It Up…

If you aren’t sure that you want to wear an entire outfit solidly in prints then feel free to break it up with a solid colour to draw your eye to another point of your body.


7. Start Small…

If you don’t want to or are not ready to fall head first into a full on printed outfit then feel free to start off with one statement piece and add a small print somewhere else that isn’t normally seen eg; accessories.

640x480 33acd6b4c5c0821ceb811aa9cedc6a6b

Screen shot 2012-01-19 at 9.06.53 AM

8. Stripes And Spots…

Same goes for this style as the Floral and Stripes, anytime anywhere. Think Kate Spade.

4cae672c65791efbe4188c4edfc6c0bf 8cd3022fccad68d83481f9a8cb958063 f464a8554ef3b9060efd0598ff26ea78 f11780325b73a18fa1c465146a2bee7b Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 11.48.54 PM

9. Subtle…

Small and not very noticeable clashing prints, mixing and matching. It could be in the form of a skirt and blouse or accessories.

tumblr_mc22woNwHr1qbe6e1o1_r1_1280 3efabfed5b3f9ac4492eca70e70c7ff5

10. Animal Instincts…

Most stylists do not mix and match with animal prints, most go for either just a print or no print. So here is a fantastic way to wear animal prints with other prints.

640x4808722894b87f44c809246224dea9e8164 c211f975ffbdc3f6879228f09cf8f8a0

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