Macro Petals…

Screen shot 2013-06-25 at 11.30.16 PM

I first had this idea a few weeks ago while I was up in the mountains training away, but have only recently re-remembered it. The main idea behind this post it to style one complete look from different online retailers using the same colour pallet (sourced via Design-Seed). So here goes nothing, make sure to let me know if there are another retailers you want me to incorporate into the posts (ones that you believe more people should know about) as well as any ideas you might have.





June Blossom Cropped Pants $42.99

 Indefinitely Tiered Button-up Tank $32.99

Belle Bow Wedges $59.50

Sea Dive Bangle Set $16.99

Best Of Luck Bow Purse $42.50



Rock ‘N’ Roll Ophelia Pale Purple Oversized Crown $73.58

ASOS Skater Skirt in Rib $31.54

A Wear Lace Yoke Top $48.18

ASOS Simmer Heels $66.58

Pauls Boutique Blossom Pouch Bag $61.32 



Ella Metallic Watch $12.00

Florence Button Flippy Short $14.00

Tania Bowler Hat $24.00

Tori High Neck Crop Top $10.00

Lucy Cable Knit Cardigan $40.00

Lilah Leather Look Basic Ballet $20.00 

Milie Gold Clasp Structured Handbag $44.00

Dalia Coloured Colar Necklace $8.00



 Aviary Engagement Dress $54.99

Verdant It Be Lovely? Earrings $14.99

Cant Berry Wait Necklace $24.99

The Chic-est Link Headband $19.99 

Seychelles All Dressed Up Heel $94.99


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