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For my second BooHoo styling post I have chosen the beautiful Ava Belted Trench Coat, it’s already on my birthday wish list as its simple, stylish and can be matched to pretty much any style or trend. I am still using the three same up coming trends;

-Monochromatic (black and white, with a preppy feel to it)

-Schools Out (think American College style)


-Candy (brights and lights all mixed together with candy colours)

Everything on the boards are available through Boohoo and are all affordable.

Stay tuned for more later on, and fingers crossed you all find these posts helpful when styling your own outfits in this upcoming season. (and perhaps some more collaborating with boohoo in the future)


Ava Belted Trench Coat $70

Mary 7/8th vertical striped trousers with turn up $30

Olivia black suede wedge courts |$50

Olivia monochrome high neck jumper $30

Alice floppy brim hat $28

Avery lazer cut contrast clutch bag $40


Ava Belted Trench Coat $70

Lexie denim twill dungarees $44 

Hester patent flat lace up shoes $40

Kat girl crop tank $12

**Looks super cute worn with a pair of lace edged bobby socks or knee highs**


Ava Belted Trench Coat $70

Lola floral Jacquard and lace belted mini skirt $40

Holly scolloped lace crop top $40

Loren metallic toe cap & perspex pointed mid heels $40

Lorna peral cat headband $12

(I have one of these cat headbands and wear it every chance I get, lots of people ask why the cat ears…I just love them. Especially with the girly pearls)

Victoria box clutch $30 


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