Should We Leave Rainbows In The Sky?


Romance Was Born is always developing bright, bold and creative ranges and showcasting them with beautiful catwalk shows and amazing shoes. For their latest collection Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales chose teased pink and yellow wigs and Wizard Of Oz-style shoes for their models in their Spring Summer 2013 collection show, Mushroom Magic.

Disco smoke filled the runway at Carriageworks in Redfern, a former locomotive workshop, as birds chirped and a violinist performed next to a set filled with giant polka-dotted eggs.

For the show’s prints, the designers collaborated with Tanya Schultz, the artist behind Pip & Pop.

They evoked the spirit of the late ‘60s and ‘70s – hippies, Mary Quant, Jean Shrimpton, the Mods and flower power.

Flared feathered pants, floral jackets, mushroom-appliqued blouses and red capes were all in the show, which began with cotton smocks and continued on with soft, silky chiffon gowns and flouncy pussy bows.

But one of the stand out pieces of every outfit created on the night were the amazing delicate yet edgy shoes created in collaboration with Shoes Of Prey, an online company where you can design your own special shoes, all hand made and they only use the best fabrics and best of all FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE. What isn’t good about them…Your design, your choice, your shoes.

Should we leave rainbows in the sky?

Should we leave rainbows in the sky?

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