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One day I will meet the man of my dreams and have an amazing wedding, although recently I have been considering taking a course and becoming a qualified wedding planner (adding that to my long list of qualifications that I don’t use very often). With my job at Jack Rabbit Vineyard I get to take part in heaps of weddings and they always amaze me and I would love to use my creative abilities to design them and help to create something special and individual. I found all of these amazing pictures on 100 layer cake and thought I would share some beautiful bright and sparkly wedding ideas with you all.




Something as simple as spray painting a ton of leaves gold and gluing them together to frame the aisle as you walk down makes such an impact.


While it is a tradition after a couple says their ‘I Do’s’ to throw ‘confetti/rice’ as the couple walks back down the aisle as newlyweds. We say, Forego the rice and go for something that your guests will have a blast throwing or waving. These were gold sequin wands that guests waved immediately following the ceremony. Cute, right? And you don’t have to worry about a mess on the ground.


Sparkly wedding dresses? Yes, please! This Jenny Packham dress is amazing, and uber popular, but it’s one we never tire of seeing. It’s so delicate, full of sequins, and has a classic feel to it that will forever be lovely.


Ok, shoes. We love us a good pair of heels with some sparkle. Even if your shoes aren’t seen during much of the day because your wedding dress covers it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a little surprise bling under there. It’s always makes for a fun photos, and when you’re out on the dance floor and they peep out, guests will love it!


We don’t see many brides wearing veils these days, but instead wearing a gorgeous hairpiece that’s either been passed down, was once a necklace, or is just a special piece bought specifically for their wedding. This Grecian Headpiece by Portobello Jewelry is the perfect compliment to a vintage style wedding or Downton Abby themed wedding.


Even though you won’t be carrying it around during the day, you need a clutch to put your makeup bits into for all those little touch ups throughout the day. It’s another way to add a little sparkle to your ensemble. And did I mention clutches are the new bouquet? There have been a handful of weddings like the one above where the bridesmaids carry an oh-so pretty clutch down the aisle. I love it! And honestly, your bridesmaids will love it too. Although I can never go past a beautiful bunch of flowers.


Should you choose to change into a different dress for your cocktail hour or reception, have fun with it. You’re going to want to be in something that you can move around easily in and that looks stunning on the dance floor. Sequin is always, always the go-to!


And speaking of cocktail hour… if time permits you to add another detail to your wedding, go with a fun drink stirrer. Guests are basically walking around your wedding for the majority of the day or night with a tasty cocktail in their hand, so add a little glitter to it, no?


Oh, glitter. Really, you can put glitter on anything and it instantly gives your decor a little boost. These little champagne glasses, can get a whole new pretty little makeover by just adding glitter. You can use modge podge or wrap the glass with double-sided tape and roll it around in glitter. Easy peasy!


This was another cute way we saw glitter being used – on escort cards. Such a simple and easy DIY to put together.


Adding a bit of sparkly tape, gold ribbon, or gold sparkly leafs can breath new life into your arrangement. It’s modern yet girly. Just the way I like it!

3CZXhwN9Ro3QKOKrB1ObVFzq tECHL9dawKVfyzHaxNRO8Liy


Wedding decor is one of the easiest places to add gold & sparkle to your wedding that will make an impact. These gold chandeliers were amazing. They made such a statement and we loved them so much that 100 layer cake figured out how to DIY them. You can check out our DIY here.


Now moving on to one of the last bits of a wedding, the sweets! I could do an entire post on just sparkly wedding cakes. You don’t even have to go overboard with it and decorate every tier. This cake is so modern, has a fun pattern that was repeated throughout the wedding decor, and looks mighty tasty. I say go for it, add gold to your cake!

91bde008e5ac27d0867e9e596746b262 4b8da72ec014aa1e4ab85e97a6c5fc29 6daa2cc579d344292d57b9a6b709df42 9de61764835e465ed6eee172971f4147 4ca4845328b6064689284184c6a6ef3c


Then of course there’s the last little touch that your guests see if you’re saying goodbye in a snazzy getaway car. The good ol’ ‘Just Married’ sign. This bride added white fringe to the back of their yellow jag along with gold glitter cut-out letters. How cute is that?

For all the information on how to put together an amazing wedding/party go to

100 layer cake


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