<——Egg Hunt…


Its that time again, time for chocolate overload, and cocoa comas. EASTER. A time full to the brim with eggs, food, family and fun. Unlike most years, this year I didn’t get to take part in the childlike fun of the easter egg hunt as I recently had foot surgery and cant really move around properly. So I found some fun and cute easter inspiration pictures to bring the spirit into the house.

how many chocolate comas have you gone into so far?



bright-bunny-candies-chocolate-color-Favim.com-219390 bunny-coffee-cute-easter-separate-with-comma-Favim.com-211288 bunny-cute-hiding-photography-Favim.com-587733 images bunny-cute-nice-photography-Favim.com-536215 coelhinhos-easter-rabbit-Favim.com-212477 easter-eggs-heart-pink-sugar-Favim.com-220133 adorable-animals-aww-baby-blue-Favim.com-612030 animal-bunny-cute-easter-fluffy-Favim.com-217524 animal-bunny-cute-easter-kawaii-Favim.com-228432 bark-candy-chocolate-easter-food-Favim.com-226563 blue-bokeh-color-easter-green-Favim.com-226478 coulor-cute-easter-eggs-love-Favim.com-220163 Easter-eggs-hanging-from--001 Favim.com-2804 tumblr_m1v3k49xjr1r3ovqso1_1280 bunny-delicious-eating-food-Favim.com-643969 chocolate-easter-eggs-food-nests-Favim.com-200936 images-1


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