Hot Summer Days…

In Victoria at the moment it is scorching! its been soo long since it has been this warm and I cant think of much to do, how to keep cool and to have fun. Some of the things I’m fond of doing during the summer months is swim at Lake Glenmaggie and lounge around in the shade (being so pale, due to my english background, all I do is burn). For the next three weeks I cant expose my ribs to the sun (got a tiny tattoo from my twin sister for my christmas present) but I’m counting down the days.

But when I do get to do all the summer activities I want here are a few that I am dying to get to do.



1. Go For A Swim

2. Play Under The Sprinklers

3. Have A Sleepover On The Roof

4. Plant A Tree Or Flowers

5. Go To The Park

6. Make Smoothies Everyday

7. Make Icey Poles

8. Camp In A Tent

9. Play Games In The Dark

10. Have A Water Bomb Fight

11. Buy Yourself A Slurpee and Debility Give Yourself Brain Freeze

12. Jump Into A Lake

13. Shove Ice Down Someones Back

14. Stand Under A Waterfall For Hours

15. Float In The Middle Of The Lake All Day

What Are Your Favourite Things To Do During Summer???


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