Birthday Bash…

Apparently ‘APocketFullOfPosie’ turned one today. I cant belive that it has already been a whole year, I remember creating the blog as a safe escape from the horrors of fashion and marketing at school, the blog looking completly different than the way it does today. ‘APocketFullOfPosie’ has become something that is looked at for inspiration and fashion trends, school students have actually come up to me and said thanks for everything that I post for them. I have been so fortunate to have been invited to some amazing events, been offered ‘once in a life time’ opportunities and met some amazing people (Sophie Vine from the Block to name just one.) The blog wouldnt be what it is today without my amazing followers and beautiful readers. The first year is just the begining, cant wait to see what comes up next. Thank you to you all, ‘APocketFullOfPosie’ wouldnt be anything without you all.

As a sweet birthday treat, I thought I would do a post that features all things party related, balloons, cake, pressents ect…



Tiny handmade rainbow cakes for your ears! These inedible earrings are the perfect accessory for your favorite baker!

Available on ETSY $28.00

When you’ve spent all day crafting delicate confections from chocolate, sugar, and cream, you’ve got to serve them in equally elegant style! That’s why you tempt guests by placing your treats on this dazzling vintage dish, which attracts their gaze with etched details from its scalloped rim to its contoured base. Crafted from rich amber-brown glass, this radiant accessory is the perfect complement to your polished baking skills!

Available on Modcloth $24.99

Don’t be surprised if the year flies past, while you daydream about pastries and desserts with every glance at this mouth-watering mini calendar! Its dough-colored stand boasts a dozen sweet die-cut cupcakes that are decorated with a fanciful palette of swirled icing and seasonal toppings. Just arrange this delightfully decadent calendar beside your marble kneading block or recipe stand to remind you to dust off your apron in time for each treat-tasting event in town!

Available on Modcloth $11.99

You won’t need a ticket to enjoy one of these brightly colored attractions! Painted in the snow cone-inspired shades of orange or grape, each of these adorable balloon animals adds a playful touch to your interior. Purchase one to ‘stay’ and hold the door or pair them up to flank your collection of fiction! With practical heft and souvenir-sized proportions, each of these eye-popping companions serves as a delightful detail whose cuteness won’t deflate!

Available on Modcloth $39.99

This item was picked by you in our Be the Buyer Program and will be sold exclusively online at ModCloth! Thinking back to your earliest memories, none are totally clear, but all include the most positive of undertones in vintage hues like the fogging-mustard and kelly-green of this Eva Francodress. Bobbing red balloons spatter around the silky A-line silhouette of this side-zipped frock, and a noir ribbon belt buckles around your look as if to harness any fading recollections. Fashioning this lined piece with a small telescope pendant to spot your favorite parts of your past within a squared-off scoop neck, and rouge kitten heels like ruby slippers, you drift into an evening during which new moments will be captured and never forgotten!

available on Modcloth $242.99

Print dress by ASOS PETITE. Featuring a sweetheart neckline, double shoulder straps, a bold cupcake print, a high, fitted waist, pleated peplum and a silver-tone zip fastening and kick split to the reverse. Designed in a form-fitting style. This product is exclusive to our ASOS PETITE collection.

available from ASOS $38.25

This hat by ASOS Collection has been crafted from a chunky knit and made in the UK. The details include: a knitted cupcake design with a chunky ribbed up-turned brim and a fluffy pom pom to the top.

available from ASOS $20.40



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