Things To Try Before You Die…

All the time I keep being told that life is too short to let anything be untried, do everything and live life to its fullest. There are some things that I have already checked off of my list like creating my own cocktail (the Sunrise yummy yummy) but here are some more that are on my list.



p.s what are some of the things on your list??


Walk down the red carpet

I know it might sound a little wishful but thats what the list is for 🙂


Write a letter to a random address and see if they write back 


Kiss on top of a fairs wheel 


Fall in love

of corse it would be on almost every girls list, we all dream about that one day when we are loved unconditionally. 


Kiss in the rain

ohh reminds me of the notebook 🙂


Shoot a gun

obviously not at people, perhaps a can.


Explore a castel

I wonder if there are any secret doors?


Ride an Elephant 


Sleep under the stars

most people have gone camping and slept in a tent always wanted to sleep outside in summer, on a warm night just watching the stars. sounds like heaven to me.


Bake everything in a cookbook

ever since i went out and brought ‘Sweet Vegan’ I have just wanted to make everything in the entire book, now its on my list I think I should do it.


Build an Igloo 

I have tried before but it didnt turn our so good, next time it will be amazing


Get in a taxi and yell ‘follow that car’ 

do I need to say anything. Its fun 🙂


Actually go to the top of the Eiffel tower.

went all the way to paris and didn’t even step foot on it, did walk underneath it though. 


read every novel by Nicholas Sparks

Everyone has seen the movies but I really want to read the books as well 


Go to a real fashion show

not just Melbourne Fashion Week, I mean a Chanel show, something high fashion like that


Travel the world


Be woken up by a kiss 


See how many balloons it would take to lift me off the ground


Have a water balloon fight 


Stop being so afraid and actually start living life


Have a mud fight


Jump off a waterfall


Ice skate in Central Park

most people who know me know that one of the loves of my life is figure skating, unfortunately due to bad feet I cant skate like I used to. But putting on my skates and just feeling the ice under my blades makes me so happy that I can’t find words to explain. 


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