Well something super exciting has been brewing at the ASOS head office in Camden, I’ll give you a hint… it has to do with their amazing range of garments and accessories Australia (I know its a pretty crappy hint). Well it is very exciting they have designed an entire range just for the Aussies, full of bright colours, prints and beautiful summer styles. Bloggers from all around Australia were invited to attend the launch breakfast (APFOP is unfortunately not well known enough to get an invite), so from the ASOS Australia blog here are some pics from the morning.



Have you heard? ASOS In Your World is coming soon –an exciting new summer collection created by the ASOS design team and available first in Australia, ahead of the rest of the world. No more buying last season’s summer styles – Australia will access the hottest new global trends, first.

To kick off the launch, we combined three of our favourite things of all time: bloggers, breakfast and fashion, for a sneak peek event of the new collection.

What happens when you get 25 fashion bloggers in the same room? An absolute bucketload of photos and hot outfits – check out our behind-the-scenes pics.

L-R, Chronicles of Her, Watermelon Crush, Harper & Harley, XSSAT.

Zanita, Oracle Fox, Hayley, ASOS, Shine by Three.

K is for Kani, Oracle Fox, Studded Hearts, Lady Melbourne, Ravishing Retail, What Would Karl Do?

Maxxie blog, Friend in Fashion, Fashion Hayley, Not so Naked.

Fab Sugar, Pedestrian TV.

Boy Moments, Watermelon Crush, Breakfast with Audrey, Aprilia Love.

Prue, ASOS; Alyx Gorman, The Vine; Not so Naked.

Also Melbourne Blogger K is for Kani took some beautiful shots of her time at the launch so I would love to show them to you as well, GOD I WISH I HAD BEEN INVITED 🙂

as a vegan its probably not the breakfast I would have gone for but i do admit it does look good 🙂

On Thursday afternoon, I touched down in Sydney to celebrate the launch of ASOS’s exclusive to Australia Spring/Summer collection. As always, without fail, Sydney graced us with its beautiful weather and after a relaxing overnight stay I happily indulged in Friday’s sunny 32 degree weather. And at the end of September, barely into Spring – who would have thought? Over breakfast at the Sailors Club in Rose Bay, we were introduced to ASOS’s super special collection which is launching so very soon, ready for the Aussie Spring/Summer season. It covers everything from beachwear, formal outings and music festivals. For me, a self-confessed ASOSholic (a term which should totally be a real word), this is fabulous news, and probably something which will undoubtedly make my wallet weep. I’ve always found it a little bit disheartening when shopping at online European and American stores, I have to scroll through pages and pages of amazing clothes – but of the opposite season’s collections. Although, sometimes this means we manage to snap up a good bargain in the clearance sections! However, it’s going to be so refreshing now that we can all browse through Summer ranges exclusive to Australia. In particular, I have my eye keenly on the lace and floral number above. A little birdy also says that there will be a special vintage inspired capsule collection – ‘ASOS Salon’, popping up on our screens soon. I’m counting down the days..!

In celebration, we were asked to select a few pieces from the site to wear to the event and these are just a few of my favourite pieces from this exciting new collection!



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