La beauté des chapeaux …

Millinery has quickly become a passion of mine, I find it very therapeutic and I can defiantly loose a whole day while creating a hat. Because I only had half a semester in classes with Mr. Richard Nylon, my skills are still only the bare minimum so I am always looking at different milliners to see the kinds of techniques and silhouettes and I stumbled across Rebecca Share. Her designs are whimsical and full of fun but all have a sophisticated sense to them. Her new Spring range is amazing, featuring bright colours, bows, florals and twists. I just love all the designs and they have given me a lot of inspiration and helpful hints and tips.

To see more of Rebecca’s Designs they will be featured on the catwalk at ‘Catwalk For Cancer’ in October, where one of my race wear outfits will also be shown and judged for the ‘Young Designer’ competition.



Inside the studio…

Rebecca inside her studio

snippets into the new spring range

Spring 2012…

To see more of Rebecca’s beautiful designs go to

All pictures sourced from Rebecca’s facebook page



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