Amongst the Stars…

Oh Boy!

I only recently came across this designer thanks to Carrie at wishwishwish, her name is Alexandra Grecco and here are some inspiring pictures from her up and coming W12 collection (they are behind the scenes of her photoshoot) and the interview that she shared on her blog.

“In my absence I’ve been preparing the Alexandra Grecco AW12 collection and to much relief things are finally winding down a bit!

Here are a few behind the scenes images I snapped during the shoot at one of the most breathtaking buildings I’ve ever seen! This incredible space, called Beekman Place, is currently under renovation to become a luxury hotel after over a decade of being abandoned. I feel so lucky to have been able to see it un- touched with all its intricate detail which I hope will be preserved. Check out some amazing photos of the building over at Sally Jane Vintage too!

Because the building was abandoned, there was of course no heat, which should explain the heavy coats and scarves. Thank you to my wonderful team of talents for being such great sports!”

Lookbook (coming soon) Photographer – Dan Estabrook

Hannah Metz
Christy-Claire Katien
Laurel Tomlin

Hair and Makeup –
Mandy Bisesti

Ruby Li
Samantha Grecco

Delicious Banana Bread-
Kristin Grecco



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