Fancy a dip?

Not too many people in Victoria would take me up on my request at the moment, with icy winds and temperatures not reaching above 15 degrees at the moment no one would want to set foot in the beach or the pool (they fear the icy run to the car with wet hair and frozen toes). But where my parents are its 28 degrees and stifling, as well in the countries over the equator, not just Bali. Unfortunately since my operation  I have been told to go swimming at least once a week, in the cold!

So to try and soften the blow I went crawling through the internet to find some amazing bathers to make me feel better. One of my favourite brands ‘Kate Spade’ recently launched its first ever swimwear line and video. love all the patterns and they actually have proper high waisted bathers.         LOVE

So here they are for you. Enjoy, while i go and take a dip.


sourced from another blog



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