Rubarb should always be Pink…

This time last year I was working really hard designing my final year graduate show fashion label for school. plodding through blogs and favim to find a concept picture and inspiration, trying to figure out what to design my range for as well as complete a business and marketing plan. Looking back I cant help but be excited again about what I came up with. Pink Rubarb. A small range of garments that could be worn as sleepwear or daywear. my teachers didn’t quite understand the range and why I wanted to break into sleepwear, but I always knew that that would be an interesting adventure, not just sticking with the types of garments that I had done over the three years. I needed to try and stand out from the croud, I needed to be different and be recognised by the industry people attending the catwalk.  The range turned out just as I had hoped it would and has continued to win me awards, this year alone it has won me 1st in the Bellarine Show and 2nd in the greater western region show (if I had come first I would be representing the whole region at the Melbourne show) and hopefully it will help me to get a position in the design team of Peter Alexander. The beautiful photographer Megan Cook did an absolutely brilliant job with the photo shoot and I couldnt have been any happier. So here it is for you.




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