Lounging around…

A/W13 lounge wear forecasting is full of bright colours, interesting fabrications and flowing silhouettes.

Marvel is an imaginative pantomime fantasy of playful imagery and 60s influences. This joyful mix of glittering embellishments and retro silhouettes, is so wrong yet suddenly feel so right, emphasizing an experimental approach where anything goes.
Dreams of princesses keep seduction alive.
The fusion of fashion and lingerie is certainly not new and the embroidered playsuit that featured in the Prada summer 2012 campaign can only confirm this trend. New York designer Feng-Feng Yeh for fashion labelSavant echoed this theme with bra tops and high-waist shorts. This trend is also amplified by the development of intimates’ lines by Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim , who especially blends outerwear with intimates. As if we needed more evidence that the bra is the new top, the recent collaboration between Peter Pilotto and swimwear designer Lisa Marie Fernandez is hot on the lips of all the fashionistas.
Lingerie is the best way to live in fairytales.
Will escort girls become the new Cinderellas? Yes, if we take into account the first fashion show of Karl Lagerfeld’s new protégé, Zahia Dehar, in January 2012 (having previously hit the headlines as the “birthday present” for footballer Franck Ribery). The trimmings, one more fairytale-like than the next, recalled the best craftsmanship in corsetry, embroidery and feather embellishments, usually seen at haute couture level. This vision of fairytale lingerie inevitably evokes Victoria’s Secret runway spectacles. The latest show allowed the American brand to present its new high range line, The Designer Collection, created to replace the Chantal Thomass line, sold in the boutiques up until now. Shoe designer to the stars, Christian Louboutin was called upon to design the Crazy Horse show. Not content to dress just the dancer’s feet in vertiginous heels, this time he was invited to stage the “Feu” show with original music, composed by David Lynch.
Intimates go over the Rainbow.
An expressive and exuberant trend is set to counteract sobriety and recessional doom and gloom. Extreme embellishment, decoration and highly fantastical aesthetics emerge, referencing new designers like Mary KatrantzouInbar SpectorFred ButlerManish Arora and Meadham Kirchhoff. The designers are all over the rainbow in their approach to fashion, and all very relevant to Marvel. The Triumph Inspiration Award is a competition that delves into the world of dreams. The winner can dream of being the next lingerie designer, with the winning design adapted and put into production by Triumph. The dream is continued by next generation princess trimmings, which are more fantasy than function.
Candy colors become heightened with the addition of metallic highlights. Sugary pinks and pastel foundations are strengthened by cerise and golden yellow. Metallic contrasts in peacock green and teal allude to magical moments.
1. Photoreal Peplum
2. Future Retro
3. Froufrou Frills
4. Marabou & Glitter
CONCEPT 1 Photoreal Peplum
1950s glamour inspires exaggerated silhouettes with a playful feel. Holographic patterns
and theatrical colors combine to develop mesmerizing decoration.
Materials & Prints
Silk satin fabrics are apt to host a range of exuberant patterns in futuristic hues. Photoreal imagery juxtaposes with color-blocked panels in a range of bright fantasy effects.
Style & Details
Peplum details are a strong feature across all sectors, including loungewear where the hips gain attention. Round necklines and ¾-length sleeves underline the fun feminine approach. Cropped Capri pants feature controlled shaping and gathered waistbands.
Silhouettes & Flats
Contouring develops a molded silhouette on top with peplum frills and back button fastenings.
Capri pants are softened with paper-bag waists and scooped side pockets.
CONCEPT 2 Future Retro
Long, bubble-shaped bed jackets are introduced with a 60s influence. Artificial floral patterns and metallic fabrics complete this quirky look, emphasizing retro futurism.
Materials & Prints
Metallic fabrics with quilted techniques are key for bed jacket silhouettes. Floral patterned plastic
offers playful artificial decoration. Heavy mesh or satins are apt for eccentric undergarments.
Style & Details
Rounded collars and smooth curving yokes extend to gathered bubble-shaped jackets. Sleeves feel retro feminine with ¾-lengths and frilled cuffs. High-waist briefs can be worn underneath to complete this quirky ladylike look.
Silhouettes & Flats
Flared jackets feature gathered panels and curved yolks with zigzag stitch detailing. Sleeves echo this froufrou style with double-layered cuffs. Matching briefs have high waists with low leg styles and zigzag stitch finishes.
CONCEPT 3 Froufrou Frills
Wild imaginations and clashing combinations develop an exuberant and extravagant style.
Eccentric stars like David Bowie influence an aesthetic that feels right this season. Fabrics, prints, colors and details combine to create extraordinary juxtapositions.
Materials & Prints
Superfluous decoration is key to create a whimsical style. 60s mesh and gathered frills are plentiful while shiny stretch Lycra hosts graphic prints in clashing colors.
Style & Details
Theatrical baby-doll dresses return a sense of retro kitsch to loungewear this season. Prance around in frilly tone-on-tone pieces for ultimate escapism. Extra tight printed leggings are worn underneath with high waists and gathers at the ankle.
Silhouettes & Flats
Kitsch baby-doll dresses are imbued with three layers of frills along the hem and on the sides of the bodice section. Sleeveless shapes are sweet with a button fastener at the back. High-waist leggings are skintight and shiny and gather slightly at the ankle.
CONCEPT 4 Marabou & Glitter
Fun and frivolous garments are encrusted with crystallized embellishments to create an exaggerated aesthetic. Daring colors and bold decorations reveal a theatrical style, replete with kitsch fantasy.
Materials & Prints
Fabrics radiate with sparkling decoration, for this season of whimsical fancies.
Ranging from silk to metal colored sequins and beads, encrusted surfaces appear on stretch wovens. Exotic marabou feathers are especially key for outer garment details.
Style & Details
Bodysuit silhouettes feel apt for the stage with balcony-shaped cups and shaping contours. Low legs on briefs have a retro theatrical feel. Tasseled jewels adorn performance styles while cropped bed jackets are glorious in exotic marabou.
Silhouettes & Flats
Bodysuits are bedecked with scattered sequins across the front panel and the back of the brief. Structured bra cups are also sequined while tassels create that showgirl effect on cups, diagonal seams and straps. Send this style soaring with a cropped bed jacket in fluffy marabou.
1. Peplums on tops define the girly aspect of this theme
2. Floral patterns enliven quirky plastic bed jackets
3. Create froufrou fun with frilled edges
4. Encrust bodysuit cups with beaded embellishments
Information and pictures sourced from http://www.stylesight.com

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