LMFF ‘Operette’

over the past week and a bit I have had the pleasure and the opportunity to work for the beautiful and talented ‘Linda Britten’.  Her designs feature beautiful, decadent fabrics, intricate beading and the signature lacing down the centre backs of her gowns. While I was at the ‘From Britten’ offices in the spectacular Carlow House in Flinders Lane, I worked on many of the gowns, doing hand finishing and sewing down the intricate draping. On the night of the catwalk I got the honour of meeting, greeting the guests and Melbourne’s Elite (or as Linda calls them the VVIPS, very, very important people) which was amazing, I thought that after I had completed that job I had to go backstage and help dress models, but I was lucky enough to be able to watch the show. let me just say one thing AMAZING! it was truly beautiful, the garments, the opera (now I have only ever seen opera once (when my little sister was apart of the Australian Opera Company) and i thought it was utterly boring but not this time, this time I was very entertained and impressed) and the dancing. all together it was an amazing night and defiantly one to remember.

So just for you here are some photos from the show as well as behind the scenes at the “From Britten’ offices. enjoy.



‘Operette’, presented by Linda Britten and the Dame Nellie Melba Opera Trust as part of the LMFF Cultural Program, fuses the timeless art forms of couture design and opera. The show presents a modern platform to experience latest fashion against a backdrop of grand opera, challenging the traditions of both worlds.

The collaboration is also designed to showcase current and future ‘leading ladies’ of opera. The Dame Nellie Melba Opera Trust exists to support Australia’s most promising young opera singers with scholarship funding, mentoring and performance opportunities. Linda Britten is proudly recognised as a Mentor of the Trust’s program and has long supported the opera world with her couture gowns. This association became the catalyst for ‘Operette’, along with the desire to support young designer’s tradition of Haute Couture in Fashion.

for more on the talented Linda Britten see her webpage: http://www.lindabritten.com


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