Stylin in the UK…

Being situated in Australia can present itself as a problem, because the country is an island we are limited in the amount of artistic expression that we are exposed to. whereas in the UK and Europe everything is so much closer, the world is nearer and fashion is more varied and just there. Fashion Weeks happen all over the world, in every different country, the L’Oréal  Melbourne fashion festival is coming up next month, which is close to home, but one of the many festivals i have always wanted to go to is ‘London Fashion Week’ which has just finished (another year gone, perhaps next year will be the one). At London Fashion Week the designers always have interesting, fun and imaginative shows to help get the ideas and inspiration behind the range through to the stylists and consumers. A designer that I have never heard of before today, that creates beautiful, fun, cheeky and very stylish garments and accessories, Orla Kiely.  I doubt that many people in Australia have heard of her before, she isn’t very well known, the only reason i heard about her and her beautiful designs is because I spent the afternoon trolling through my favourite blogs. Her AW 12/13 range is full of rich hues and contrasting colours, interesting prints (taking a leaf from Miu Miu’s book by using small animal prints), bows, oversized silhouettes and beautiful lines. This collection is everything I would ever want in a ready to wear collection, you could pull out any one peice and create an entire outfit around it from your own wardrobe. It’s just great. What do you think?



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