Back To School Wish List…

  1. A beautiful ‘French English’ Scallop Patent Leather Shoulder bag to carry all my new school supplies in (being a fashion student, you must always have an amazing bag on hand to carry all you desire) $260
  2. The amazing 2012 FRANKIE diary…if only, if only I could get my hands onto one of these little beauties I would be the happiest girl in the world. But alas they have all but sold out everywhere. $24.95 from newsagents.
  3. Super cute notebooks from ‘kikki.k’ featuring adorable and bright inside pages. Love them! $17.95 and $12.95
  4. Stella McCartney’s adorable bow cropped top and skirt. Imagine turning up to uni on the first day in that ensemble…love it. I think everyone would just die. $?
  5. The pair of shoes that I designed (with a slight Hepburn feel to them, very swish) on  $236 with their patient leather binding and cap toes, all the people at school will want some as well. Just because I’m a fashion student doesn’t mean that I come to school everyday in a pair of cute heels, no way! I need my flatty days, you know, give my feet a rest.
  6. Customised vintage bike! Soo cute would love one. Actually I am renovating one at the moment and hopefully it will turn out like this one from but also hopefully it wont cost me this much $523!
  7. The metallic/pastel green MacBook case from eBay that I ordered, so that finally ‘Granny’ (my new MacBook) name makes sense. Granny because its green like a granny smith apple. I know not really funny but I have a habit of naming all of my positions. My car for example is called Bertie because he is the colour of the Bertie Beatle chocolate (the blue not the brown). $20.65

SO this is my list so far of the things I wish I had for when I start at my new UNI and I believe that because no one knows me I can become whoever I want to be, wear whatever I want to wear and act however I want to act.

Until next time.



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