Haute Jewels…

Sparkle and Shine is Always Devine!

When the going gets tough…do the tough really get going?

Not alone xx

When things get tough, I tend to get very fussy or i like everything to be clean and in order (i remember once i finished school and had no idea what i was going to do with myself i was extremely restless and i spent the entire night taking apart the family pantry, washing down every shelf and placing all the products back…in alphabetical order! thats how restless and fussy i can get), but sometimes there isn’t anything that i can do but feel as though i am falling, screaming into a black endless pit. is there a bottom? there always is. but sometimes it just doesn’t feel like there is and its times like these when i need to have my loverly de-briefing session with T (who i always think of as my adopted mother, she treats me like her child and is always straight forward with me, making me see things that perhaps i cant in the darkness…the beauty of friends).

The one thing that I have been doing since before I could remember is writing. I have always been creating stories with intertwining plots and characters that are so different from each other that they have to be together, and I know for a fact that this form of creation is what takes me away from the horrors of everyday life, it makes me forget about the darkness and transports me into their world, a world where anything is possible and the only thing that limits it is my imagination.  I have wanted to be a published author for a while now, i guess it was since i won my high schools creative writing competition when i was in year nine, I finished my first ever novel by the end of year twelve and have almost finished my next one. i guess I am scared to try and publish them, because I am defiantly one of those people who over think everything and worry about what people will say or think. I cant even try hard jumps and spins at the ice rink in the horror that i might fall over and someone will laugh for gods sake. But thats a completely different situation, a fall is easily forgotten, five minuets later and everyone will have already moved on and forgotten, whereas a novel is permanent, its always there.  At the moment I cant help but feel restless and the falling feeling has been with me since three today, I thought that i had this year all planned out and ready to go, final year at RMIT and then off to do somthing more exciting with my life, perhaps that is still in melbourne but maybe its on the other side of the world. But a rather large spanner has been thrown into the works and my year has come to a screaming halt. After spending the last three years at the GORDON in Geelong getting my Advanced Diploma in Applied Fashion Design and Technology I was led to beleive that i could just go straight into finaly year at RMIT (being told by my teachers and the high school carrers officer!) but today i find out that the last three years only add up to one whole year of the course and now i have to spend the next three years in school again…

To be honest i dont think that i can make it through another three years of assessments and being stuck in the same place with the same people, I mean I want my Bachelor but is it really worth all this?

Game Night Spectacular…

Sometimes you can find meaningful words in the most unusual places, scrabble anyone?


Over the ‘Hill’ and far away…

The Alannah Hill label has always been one of my favourites, the beautiful and girly garments and accessories are over the top and amazing. There are three places that i have always wanted to work when i finally graduated from school, #1 CHANEL, #2 Peter Alexander and #3 ALANNAH HILL. One of the best things about moving up to Melbourne is the fact that there are more opportunities for jobs in the fashion industry up there, so because i have to leave my job in Drysdale i have been looking for jobs up on melbourne. So I put myself out there and sent my new and improved CV to the Alannah Hill head office, and within a few hours someone from head office called me and asked if i would like to come in for an interview! Now i am extremely anxious about the interview and i am defiantly looking forward to it tomorrow afternoon.

The Alannah Hill garments and accessories are influenced by  romance, love, sex, girls crying, travel, extravagant hotel rooms, flower shops, chocolates, fear, loneliness, music and marvellousness.

*Alannah grew up in Tasmania before moving to Melbourne at the tender age of 16 with six suitcases filled with costumes, $30 dollars, and her Mum’s wedding ring as a gift.

Not long after working as a waitress, she was spotted by the owner of a fashion boutique across the road. She began to work in the fashion store in Chapel St, South Yarra, which became her home for 15 years. Alannah Hill established her namesake fashion label in the late 90’s.

Today, Alannah Hill has fourteen boutique stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, as well as international stockists in Asia and the UK. Her label can best be described as extremely feminine, often with hints of vintage, or shabby chic. Flowers and other girly patterns often dominate her successful creations. Alannah Hill has truly established herself as one of the most popular female fashion labels in Australia. Her label is testament to natural talent combined with following a dream. *

**Sourced from http://www.australianfashionguide.com**

so I am looking forward to the interview and i hope that i do get a job with them, even if it is just in the store because it is a stepping stone.

wish me luck xx

A Splash Of Pink…

1. The beautiful new range of lipsticks by KATE SPADE, with their beautiful colour pallet and a cute name that brings back childhood memories “Supercalifragilipstick”. my favourite is the pastel/bright pink (there really is no other way to describe the colour, its bright and bold yet pastel) called PopArt Pink and is only avaliable on the Kate Spade website (www.katespade.com) and retails at $24 USD

2. Because i am also an avid creative writer i believe that it is always a necessity to carry around a small note book just in case i come up with an idea for a new story. when i saw this cute one from KIKKI K i knew that it was love at first sight (which is great because the cover and pages is covered in love hearts). $8.95

3. As i stated above i always need to carry around a notebook and a pen. especially this cute one from KIKKI K $4.95

4. This dress is simple yet detailed. its elegant and i really love it. for many years now i have wanted a MULBERRY bag, and i still haven’t found ‘the one’ yet but this dress is great. beautiful cut and beautiful fabric. $990 from the Mulberry stores and online (www.mulberry.com)

5. Im not that big of a fan when it comes to pointy shoes, I find that they hurt. but I would make an acceptation for these beauties. With their contrasting silver toes and heels, as well as their creamy pink texture I couldn’t help but fall for them. only available on ASOS (www.asos.com) ‘ASOS sweetheart toe cap ballerina’ $40.55 (the best thing about ASOS is that there is no shipping fees EVER, and the styles available is just mindblowing. Also the prices are extremely reasonable so you cant help but buy more)

6. This beautiful satchel is so cute and pink, and its a great size. I recently brought it for when i go back to school, and amazingly it fits my notebook, pencil case, wallet, keys and everything else that I need to take with me. So really its a great buy and my sister even went out and got it in the baby blue/green. ‘ASOS scallop edge satchel’ $32.44

Color Injection…

Kate Spade has always been a favourite designer of mine since I went to China two years ago. Her bright colours and bold patterns. featuring amazing fabrics and glossy leathers.  Versatile and practical handbags in luminous hues, girly clothing and simple yet complicated jewellery. As part of their marketing for the christmas season just past they created this amazing video that is just so full of fun, colour, light and excitement. I know that now i want to wrap everything like this, i can just imagine “Granny” (the macbook) wrapped like this. love it!

and then there is the fun colourful surprise ball!


Back To School Wish List…

  1. A beautiful ‘French English’ Scallop Patent Leather Shoulder bag to carry all my new school supplies in (being a fashion student, you must always have an amazing bag on hand to carry all you desire) $260 www.etsy.com
  2. The amazing 2012 FRANKIE diary…if only, if only I could get my hands onto one of these little beauties I would be the happiest girl in the world. But alas they have all but sold out everywhere. $24.95 from newsagents.
  3. Super cute notebooks from ‘kikki.k’ featuring adorable and bright inside pages. Love them! $17.95 and $12.95
  4. Stella McCartney’s adorable bow cropped top and skirt. Imagine turning up to uni on the first day in that ensemble…love it. I think everyone would just die. $?
  5. The pair of shoes that I designed (with a slight Hepburn feel to them, very swish) on http://www.dessinemoiunsoulier.com  $236 with their patient leather binding and cap toes, all the people at school will want some as well. Just because I’m a fashion student doesn’t mean that I come to school everyday in a pair of cute heels, no way! I need my flatty days, you know, give my feet a rest.
  6. Customised vintage bike! Soo cute would love one. Actually I am renovating one at the moment and hopefully it will turn out like this one from http://www.papillionaire.com.au/buy/ but also hopefully it wont cost me this much $523!
  7. The metallic/pastel green MacBook case from eBay that I ordered, so that finally ‘Granny’ (my new MacBook) name makes sense. Granny because its green like a granny smith apple. I know not really funny but I have a habit of naming all of my positions. My car for example is called Bertie because he is the colour of the Bertie Beatle chocolate (the blue not the brown). $20.65

SO this is my list so far of the things I wish I had for when I start at my new UNI and I believe that because no one knows me I can become whoever I want to be, wear whatever I want to wear and act however I want to act.

Until next time.