Over the past six weeks I have had my eyes widened to the world of ‘couture’ at the Gwendolynne studio in Fitzroy.

Walking through the doors and into the art deco styled salon where the beautiful come in to try on the amazingly beaded and draped designs. the salon itself is so different, cluttered yet uncluttered, clean and crisp yet with a touch of darkness. it draws you in and makes you want to take a closer look. it also helps that all the garments are there as well, as well as the beautiful millinery by the fabulous Richard Nylon.

up stairs is where all the pattern making and construction happens. its where the magic is. essentially it is one room, not too big and defiantly not too small. room is full of beautiful beads,  fabrics and french lace. it is an amazing place to spend some time and i defiantly learned a lot.