classic times…crazey days…

Last month I took a trip to Hong Kong and China.

It was amazing (my second time in the country); I spent five days in Hong Kong and 6 days in China.

During my time in Hong Kong I shopped with my friends, at the local foods, visited amazing sights (Big Buddha, The Peak, and Disney Land) and went to the amazing night markets.

The Big Buddha…

To get to the Lantau Island where the Buddha is seated atop of a huge mountain, you have to travel in a cable car. Which was amazing (we used the crystal cabin, which featured a glass floor so that we got a 360 look at the beautiful surrounds and mountains.)

once we arrived on the mountain we were greated with the beautiful Ngong Ping Village with its cultural landscape as well as the beautiful bulidings. when we were there the village was hosting the first ever trampoline music festival (all the bands played their sets while jumping on the trampolines…so funny!) the village is 1.5 hec, and is full of beautiful statues and buildings that take  you back in time, back to another world. as you walk through the village it takes you up and through beautiful arch ways and to the base of the big buddha.

655 steps later we were at the top of the mountain where the big buddha sits.

my legs were killing me!


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