Talking Of Sparkly Things…

i was recently involved in the ‘Ice House’ Christmas on ice Show.

where we got to wear lovely sparkly and shiny costumes.

i was very excited to get a dress but then was given these lovely high waisted pedal pushers and very blousey tinsel top.

wasn’t i excited… next year i swear if i dont get a dress i will scream.


this is some of the pictures from my photo shoot for the CHANEL themed range that i made for the races.

the range name ‘CHENE’ means oak in french.

i chose the name because i designed the range for the Crown Oaks Day Races, as apart of the Melbourne Spring racing carnival.

everything chic and beautiful.

with added pretty little things and a fun tea party.

bright colorful and bubbly!


Model: Cassie H

Photos By: Britt H

Puppy: Rosie L. Hutchinson